back on board (maybe)

Hello, my lovelies!

It has been a veeeery long time since I posted. This is partly because Life in Mongolia, Year Two posts would be nearly identical to Life in Mongolia, Year One; partly because I have been less oriented towards Renee the Writer this year, and more toward Renee the Teacher; and partly because I’ve been interested in living my life with the people immediately present in it, rather than broadcasting it for the world’s passive intake.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy my blog as a place to broadcast occasionally, and these days it withers with neglect. Expect the odd post, perhaps less the streamlined “Peace Corps! Mongolia! Writing!” and more whatever strikes my fancy.

Meanwhile, if you miss hearing from me: Emails are much more personal than blog posts anyway. Mine is reneenmelton at Send me a bit about your life, and I’ll send you a bit about mine.