Schedule changes

Hello, lovelies!

As I approach a year in Mongolia, and as the year winds down toward summer, there’s been a scarcity of events I’m motivated to blog about. Blogging shouldn’t feel like a chore (unless you’re being paid for it, and even then, dude, find work that interests you!).

To preserve my sense of engagement and to keep up the quality of these posts, beginning this month I’m going to (a) diversify my post material, and (b) space out my schedule a little bit.

Future postings will look like this:

  • 1st Wednesday of the month: writing- or reading-related ramble.
  • 2nd and 4th Wednesdays: Life in Mongolia/PCV Life posts.
  • 3rd (sometimes 5th) Wednesdays: no post, general life post, or occasional bonus writing/Mongolia post.

I am giving myself a break this week because I am cranky and spring-cold-ridden. That means the next substantive post will be on May 25th.

I shall miss your frequent viewings and comments, but cheers for quality wordsmithing!

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