Some scheduling notes

Turns out regular blog posts take substantially less time than introductions!

Given internet access, events to write about, and a few hours of free time, I think I can handle at least one post a week. The at-least-one-post will be published on Wednesday afternoons, but extras may appear at random.

This week is special. Every day, Monday through Friday, I will blog about the major events of my application/pre-departure process. So keep an eye out around 1pm.


Fair warning: This site is probably going to break a lot.

I bought this domain and its hosting about a year ago, thinking, hey, a year is plenty of time to learn a bit of PHP and tailor the WordPress platform to my own needs.

About three weeks ago I realized just how much I had to do before I left for Mongolia, and how low “learn a bit of PHP” was on that list. So what little tailoring I’ve done is slapdash and jury-rigged and I only half understand it, which even I know is a recipe for disaster.

Hopefully I’ll have enough internet access to fix things when they break.