Wrap-up: Next steps

This is the final post in a wrap-up series about my Peace Corps service. Over the course of the series I have discussed my personal commitment to service; the advantages and pitfalls of Peace Corps; issues specific to my country and region of service; and ethics, experiences, and reflected image in a foreign volunteering context. You can find the first post, and links to the rest of the series, here.


My two years are up. I’ve said my goodbyes, written my final posts, and, as you read this, I’m mere hours away from boarding a plane toward home. What’s next?

This blog will probably go dark for a while. Given that being a foreigner in Mongolia is about as private as being a constantly-poked puffer fish in a very small goldfish bowl, I need some time away from public broadcasting. I’m also going to be away from the internet, on and off, for a few months in the States. Eventually I plan to overhaul the website, give my Peace Corps posts their own section, and dedicate future writing to different subjects.

For me personally? I’m going to take some time to travel and readjust to American culture. A big move and a Masters degree loom, in the noncommittal, undefined way of all futures here in Mongolia. I hope to return to my novel, or at least to writing in some format. You’ll hear about it sooner or later.

Until then, goodbye, au revoir, баяртай and сау бол. Thank you so much to readers for following me on this crazy journey; and thank you, a thousand times thank you, to the friends near and far who have read, commented, reposted, and supported me online and off. Here’s to the next two years being as interesting as the last.